Nancun and Xiogang park

Last Sunday I was out exploring an area of Guangzhou where I have never been before, I had my eyes set on the Xiogang park but also the area surrounding it. It was a warm day (24°C) but cloudy. Here are some photos of the day.

The book fair is in town.

Need a bucket?

Sometimes I wish I was a cat.

A smoker's heaven or hell?  Well, read this. But then again, you wouldn't smoke if you didn't have a wish to inhale 4589 dangerous toxins into your body..


Interesting alien design on this phone booth.

Someone's getting married!

"Outstanding Scenic Spot for Excel Management." Oh yes, makes sense.

Where are the emergency toilets?! I need one NOW!

Cherry blossoms in the background? I'm not sure but they look like Sakura.

I was invited to play some table tennis against these two gentlemen, it was great fun but I'm quite bad at tabletennis.

The Chigang pagoda with the  TV tower in the background.

Postat av: Camilla

Ha ha! Nöd-toaletter. Himla bra :) Undra vad skillnaden är mot vanliga toaletter..

2011-03-09 @ 10:48:32
Postat av: Becka

Haha, kineserna är för roliga med sina engelska översättningar. Fina bilder! Så vackra cherry blossoms :)

2011-03-09 @ 18:30:16
Postat av: Richard

Oftast är översättningarna riktigt roliga men ibland också poetiska eftersom de kastar om ordföljden och eftersom deras språk är symboliskt i större utsträckning frammanar det mentala bilder.

2011-03-10 @ 15:11:33

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