My behind on TV!

I just found out that I had about 2 seconds of fame on national TV. It's a documentary about two guys creating a room beneath a pier in Malmö. If you live in Malmö you should definitely check it out!

And how do I end up in this documentary? Well, Rebecka and I found out about this place two summers ago and decided with some friends to try and find it as it is somewhat of a secret and difficult to find. Rebecka took photos as she usually does and posted them on her blog. What the director of the documentary must've done is Googled around and found the photos and decided to include them at the very end of the documentary. The documentary can be seen here:

Postat av: Becka

Well, unfortunately the room doesn't exist anymore, it was demolished (already 2009-10-30). And the director of the documentary e-mailed me and asked for high resolution photos, which I sent to him :)

2011-01-18 @ 00:27:46

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