A world famous Swede?

I was out walking yesterday in a suburb of Guangzhou when I walked by a large sport shop, nothing extraordinary in itself but I recognized the guy that was on one of the large poster on the front of the shop.

More close up:

Yes indeed, it is Jan-Ove Waldner, a legend in table tennis. As table tennis is one of the most popular sports in China this Swede is greatly admired, in the nineties when Waldner was at the peak of his career he is said to be more widely recognized in China than Bill Clinton, president of the US at that time. He has many nicknames in China, such as 老瓦 Lao Wa - "Old Wa(ldner)" or 常青树 Chang Qing Shu - The Evergreen tree. These names refer to the fact that Waldner is still a great table tennis player even though he now faces opponents that weren't even born when he won his first Swedish Championship. That's unusual as table tennis is a sport that require extraordinary hand-eye coordination and quick reactions, something that becomes harder the older one gets.

Well, it's good to know that at least one Swede is famous in China!

Postat av: Johan

Du MÅSTE installera en gilla-knapp Richard!

Sjukt bra blogg - visste att du var duktig på att skriva men varje inlägg är verkligen superintressant och riktigt kul att läsa! :)

Grymt bra jobbat :) Enjoy the last months now, snart är Kina längre bort än du kan ana just nu...


2011-03-07 @ 20:31:53

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