First of all I must inform you that luckily the government of China has not decided to allow internet traffic only on odd or even days as I made a post about on April's fools day. It would be interesting to see what would happen though, not only in China but the whole world. We take the functionality and freedom of internet very much for granted.

But enough about that, this Saturday I went on another exploration trip to a Dongshuan, an old part of Guangzhou where the military officers and politicians used to settle. It was an gorgeous day, sunny with 26 degrees and now all the flowers and cherry blossoms have started to bloom. Here are some photos.

Postat av: Becka

Åh vad fiiiint! Både roliga och vackra foton. Jag längtar så mycket efter att resa till dig nu, bara 3 ½ vecka kvar :) Ska bli så roligt att utforska Guangzhou och fotografera precis som du gör nu..

2011-04-05 @ 19:56:01
Postat av: Richard

Ja, du kommer fylla flertal GB med foto gissar jag. =) Jag diggar bilen med ögonfransarna! Kan vi inte införskaffa sådana till Sture?

2011-04-07 @ 04:49:53

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