Xiangang Cun and Licha Cun

Yesterday I went on a trip together with some other staff to the Zhaoqing area to explore two villages Xiangang Cun and Licha Cun which date from the Ming dynasty about 700 years ago. They are octogonal shaped villages, built according to "Ba Gua", an octogonal symbol of the eight principles of Taoism. The trip started of okay as we got on th bus at 8 am but little did we know about the amount of hours we would spend in that bus.

The trip to Xianggang Cun should take about 1 ½ hour but after getting lost and driving around we arrived there at 11. The village was interesting to walk around but very worn down. I suppose it's an image of what most parts of China looked like not long ago, before the great economical upswing started. Here are some pictures:

The main village square.

The local fish store.

A man who was curious of the group of us foreigners, as this village rarely see anyone from the outside they approached us several times with questions and greetings.

An unidentified Chinese game.

Some houses were far from the standard that can be found in the cities..

...and some lived in boxes. No, not really, he was just sleeping there while his mother was chatting with some friends.

David and Maya, together with them we broke away from the others and explored on our own. Here we are talking to some women.

Most streets were very narrow.

Bamboo is widely used within construction. I don't know how safe I would feel beneath it though.

Do you recognize the symbol on the top? It's the 'wan', as it is known in China, but it can be found in many cultures and has a history of 3000 years. In the west we mainly know it as the symbol used during World War II. I don't want to write down any terms or make any links here as I'm afraid the blog would be blocked if I do.

The gate to the temple.

A cool dorrknob, I'm getting one of these to my future house!

Tomorrow, I will make a post about our visit to the second village and also whine a bit about the countless hours we spent in the bus being lost.

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Vad fina bilder! Önskar att jag var där med dig.. :) Trist att höra att bussresan var så jobbig. Börjar dock tänka på våra tidigare bussresor utomlands, t.ex när vi fick sitta i plaststolar i mittengången i två timmar i Thailand, eller när vi fick tränga ihop oss i skolbussar i centralamerika. Det är alltid lite roligt i efterhand i alla fall :)

2010-09-19 @ 21:24:36
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the game is called mahjong.

2012-01-28 @ 11:55:45
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