Very authentic polo shirts!

This weekend I was in Guangzhou and couldn't help to do some shopping. Since I wear a shirt every day to work I wanted to have some variation in my wardrobe and I thought that a polo shirt or two would be nice. I've seen some horrible Ralph Lauren copies here, like this one:

...but I wanted something closer to the original.

I came across a woman having a three for a hundred (110kr) sale going on and decided to see what she had. The result are as follows:

A vanilla white one.

A dark blue one.

And my favorite, a purple one! This photo is taken early in the morning, hence my tired eyes.

You can still feel that the quality is not the same as the original but is it a 600 kr worth of difference? No.

Postat av: alex

busy busy !

riktigt snygga tröjor, Richard!

Du får ta dig in på msn någongång så vi får prata lite :)

saknar dig härborta!

2010-09-03 @ 09:49:24
Postat av: Mao Sebbdong & Kinapuff Ida

Tycker du kan behöva lite mer rosa/orange i din garderob, gärna med hästar eller föl!

2010-09-06 @ 21:16:57
Postat av: Erwin

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH.....HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.... Chriser Strahl ringde o va naken.. "vart e mina kläder?" sa han!

2010-09-13 @ 18:19:45

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