Some Dos and Don'ts in China

Today's post is not a very long one for being a Sunday post, I've got some things to do before I turn in for the night so I'll share some dos and dont's that apply here in China. I will try to make a longer post soon.

  • hold your glass below that of the eldest person in the group when toasting – the eldest (aka wise one) holds his/her glass highest
  • eat all of the rice in your bowl – some Chinese believe it’s bad luck to leave even a single grain behind


  • write anything in red ink unless you’re correcting an exam. Red ink is used for letters of protest.
  • shake your feet, lest you shake away all of your luck.
  • be offended when asked if you’re married – and if you’re over 30 and single, say yes, lest you be pitied
  • give clocks or books as gifts. The phrase ‘to give a clock’ in Mandarin sounds too much like ‘attend a funeral’ and ‘giving a book’ sounds like ‘delivering defeat.’
  • Make out in public

Postat av: Becka

"Don't make out in public"!? Bah, när jag kommer till Kina kommer jag inte kunna låta bli!

2010-09-12 @ 16:33:01
Postat av: Made in China Ida & Barnarbetar Sebbe

Hehe gillar att din blogg nu har upptäckt att den handla om Kina och försöker sälja "Wife from China" till mig! Jag tog 2.

2010-09-13 @ 20:24:28
Postat av: Richard

Haha! Faaan va nice! Var det piratkopior av plast eller äkta vara?

2010-09-14 @ 13:12:49

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