My weekend

It's Sunday and I finally have some time to sit down and post something! I'm in the final stages of my Sunday routine, which goes something like this: Wake up at nine, put clothes in washing machine, make breakfast, clean the floors and the rest of the apartment, chill for half an hour, get the laundry, take the bus to Jusco to get meat and other groceries, come home and put the groceries in the fridge, go to local supermarket for vegetables, come home, eat late lunch, after lunch go down to swimming pool to cool off, after that I go back up to apartment and post something on the blog, then hopefully skype with Rebecka, then go out jogging. That's been my Sunday routine for three Sundays now.

Yesterday I went to a house-warming party that started at Ikea, so I went in a bit earlier to enjoy a plate of some sweet Swedish meatballs.

I wouldn't be surprised if they ship them from Sweden as they tasted exactly the same as back home. Anyway, the gang met up at Ikea and since the Chinese enjoy sitting in the sofas and taking naps on the beds in Ikea we thought we would adapt to the culture here. We brought a few drinks and seated us in a living room, I read out loud for everyone what the different names meant and also read out loud from "Stora Djurboken" which could be found on a shelf in "our" living room. It was great fun sitting there enjoying some vodka and lemonade in a plastic bottle and just chatting away as if we were sitting in someone's home.

After an hour or so we went up to Jessica's apartment where the party got started, we later went out clubbing at a newly opened club, Nova. It was really crowded but good music. I was the only one from Rhytmico who went clubbing, everyone else live in the city centre so I got a taxi home alone but it was still ok since the fare was 37 CNY (43 kr) for a 20 minutes taxi ride. =)

On Saturday my internet went dead once again (Welcome to China..) and I decided to go in early to the city centre and take the cable car up to the Baiyun mountains. I wouldn't say they are mountains with the top peak being 385 meters above sea level but we all got our own definition I suppose. Since it had been raining all night it was very cloudy at the top so I'll pose some photos next time I go up there but I enjoyed the cable car ride up!

Not the most romantic spot to take a photo but it's a representative picture of Guangzhou where there are overhead roads everywhere. All the photos in the post were taken with my mobile camera if you've noticed some difference in quality.

I had one of these to myself, I quite liked the privacy and calm in my little cube as it went higher and higher.

The Chinese army mobilizing? Let's hope not!

Postat av: Zoe

I like your blogpost and picz, you really get a feeling of the places you visit! :)

By the by, can you p-l-e-a-s-e help me translate 'när allting kommer omkring' into English for me? I'm going insane, not knowing :(

2010-09-06 @ 20:04:31
Postat av: Alex

Är de inte väldigt korta i Kina?

kanske är därför som de tycker att det var ett berg!

2010-09-06 @ 20:34:38
Postat av: Bruce Liiiida & Censursebbe

VÄRSTA transformers linbanan! Blir den till nått när den kommer fram? Typ en bil, eller eller ett djur...eller en T-Rex med vapen..som hjälp av LASER!!

2010-09-06 @ 21:27:33
Postat av: Anonym


2010-09-06 @ 21:28:26
Postat av: Richard

@ Zoe

It's always hard to translate without a context but I would say 'när allting kommer omkring' = 'all things considered' or 'on the whole' but that would only fit with certain contexts. There are several single words that could be used, such as: 'altogether', 'wholly', 'entirely'.

2010-09-07 @ 06:29:37
Postat av: Richard

@ Sebbe

Jag vet, ashäftiga kuber, jag ser framför mig flera Hollywood-skräckfilmer/ thrillers på linabane-temat inom den närmsta framtiden. De flög dock inte med hjälp av den hade automatiska dörrar!

2010-09-07 @ 06:33:28
Postat av: Zoe

Ok, thanks! By the way, did you see anyone pink and familiar sleeping in the Chinese IKEA-catalogue? :D

2010-09-07 @ 16:18:23
Postat av: Zoe

Ok, thanks! By the way, did you see anyone pink and familiar sleeping in the Chinese IKEA-catalogue? :D

2010-09-07 @ 16:46:25
Postat av: Zoe

Sorry for the double post. First the comment didn’t show at all and then, suddenly, there were two?!

2010-09-07 @ 16:50:55
Postat av: Becka

Jag längtar efter att sitta i en liten kub tillsammans med dig :)

2010-09-07 @ 20:49:06

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