My kingdom for some ice cream

After school yesterday I was in a really good mood, I had planned a movie night de lux for myself, just managed to download Ironman 2 (with a crappy internet connection) and had bought some nice ice cream. Thought to myself that I wouldn't eat it all, and after eating half of it I put it back in the freezer but when there was still another hour of the movie left I couldn't resist the temptation to go for more.. The movie wasn't great but good fun to watch and it was that kind of action movie that has you going through massive amounts of sweets in no time. Should've watched a drama as it has an altogether different effect on the sugar craving.

So now I've got to lose those extra kilos it felt like I put on yesterday, I have located two hills nearby my apartment block where I've gone jogging a couple of times and there's an amazing view but to get there one have to go through some dirt tracks. Unfortunately it's cloudy tonight so I'll bring the camera to show you the view next time.

My jogging shoes after the dirt tracks, I like it, they look a bit more hard core now!


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