Licha Cun

Continuing where I left of in my last post, we left the first village, Xiangang Cun and went to a restaurant for dinner. While it took us ages to get the food it was nothing compared to how many hours we would waste away in the bus in search of the second octagonal village, Licha Cun. We left the restaurant at 1:30 p.m and what should've been a half an hour drive took us four hours. We arrived at Licha Cun at 7 pm when we according to the schedule should have arrived there at 1:30. It was a very interesting place to visit though and in some ways worth those hours on the bus.

Finally got our food! It was okay but nothing special.

A Pagoda we stopped at while we were lost.

Interesting way of keeping out non wanted visitors. A wall of glass shards.

Finally arrived at Licha Cun! It is almost abandoned these days and only a very few people still live here. Which added to the deserted mysterious feeling of the village.

A tranquil lake on one side of the village.

I think the red is remains from firecrackers.

Very narrow circular streets.

The entrance to one of the larger houses here.

One might understand why people have moved on.

At the centre of this octagonal shaped village one of course finds the source of why the village was built the way it was. The Taijitu ("yin and yang") symbol 太極圖 as well as the Ba gua 八卦 ("Eight Trigrams").

The french teacher Nathalie is taking a photo of the Taijitu..

..while I mostly take pictures of myself.

They offered me a really good price for these two cars!

However, it turned out the lacked a few important features.

Making the last part of the journey home after a total 10 hours on the bus during the same day.

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