Black chicken?

Hi all,

Before departure I was thoroughly warned about "proper" Chinese food but what I have eaten here so far has been good though some things might not be very healthy as they like to use buckets of oil when cooking. I was warned about people eating dog paws and silk larva here on a daily basis, however so far I have to say those rumours have been exaggerated. I'm sure you could find some restaurant that serve that stuff but none I've seen so far.

However, in the meat section at Jusco supermarket one can find this:

Yes, it's a chicken. Yes, it's black (or darkish blueish).

After some questions I found out that this is a 烏骨雞 or Silkie (or several actually). And that they, when alive, look like this:

The origin of their name is that their plumage feels a lot like silk. Their meat is considered gourmet food in most parts of Asia. I don't think I've tried any so far, but when going to a Chinese/Cantonese restaurant one barely knows what one eats half the time. When I know for sure what it tastes like I will report back.

Postat av: alex

hahaha,svart kyckling, awesome! :D

2010-09-19 @ 19:00:20
Postat av: Becka

Awhh, den vita kycklingen var ju söt.. Den svarta var inte söt alls dock :(

2010-09-19 @ 21:22:06

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