Shapawan beach

I’ve joined a group of colleagues who occasionally go out on weekend trips to places in the “nearby” area, the group is called the Utahloy Wanderers. The trip to Licha Cun and Xiangang Cun was arranged by this group. Last weekend the destination was Shapawan, a beach town some 4 ½ hours away according to Google maps, well I was skeptical following the horrendous amount of hours we spent on the bus during the last trip. In the end it took us 6 hours on the road getting there including stops.


We went straight from school on Friday the 15th around 5pm and arrived at our hotel at 11pm. The hotel was ok, nothing fancy but clean and ok bed. Our hotel was just a couple of hundred meters from the beach itself and the beach was very nice, better than I expected it to be.



The weather was good for walking but not for tanning, it was about 25 degrees but the sun hid behind some clouds, as you can see in the photos. I enjoyed just walking along the beach, seems like a long time ago I was close to the ocean. I think most Swedes are a bit spoiled in this manner, seeing as a lot of Swedish cities are located on the coast and that Sweden has long coastline compared to its size!



After walking on the beach and doing some reading in the sand I decided to walk up a hill nearby to get some nice views of the area. Well up the first hill I saw other hills I wanted walk up, but there was no paths or trails.. But I didn’t let that stop me!


The view from the hill.


Would've been nice with a trail here..


View from another hill, not the same beach though.


After walking in the hills I went back down into town, and had a walk there. It was nice seeing the fishing boats being repaired and prepared. Saturday evening we spent at a barbeque place enjoying grilled lamb and cold beers.



The Sunday I spent on the beach, getting a bit of a tan since the sun was out. It felt a lot like a good day during a Swedish summer, hot when the sun is out and temperate when behind clouds. The last few days I’ve really been enjoying the weather in Guangzhou, it’s 25 degrees, clear skies for the most part and with a bit of wind to cool you off. A bit of strange for me hearing about snowy weather moving down towards Småland right now.


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Så fina bilder! Stranden ser jättehärlig ut :)

2010-10-20 @ 23:02:54

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