School trip to Hainan

I apologize about the fact that this blog is not seeing as many weekly updates as it used to. It's partly because there are less "new" things to blog about, a natural decline since in the start everything is new and interesting. However, it's partly because I've had less time to post things. Some news though, next week I'll be going to Hainan Island on a school trip. As a homeroom teacher for year 8, I'll be going with them. I don't teach year 8 as I teach older kids but it will still be fun to see the kids in a non-school environment. I don't know a lot about the trip other than there will be a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, swimming and surfing. On some pictures I got from the web, Hainan looks pretty sweet to me:

I'll make a post on Sunday before I leave, letting you know how the Halloween party was.

Postat av: Becka

Wow, ser helt fantastiskt ut! Hoppas att det är lika bra i verkligheten :)

2010-10-30 @ 10:35:45
Postat av: Becka

Och hoppas att det inte är översvämmat förresten... Det var ju bara några veckor sedan.

2010-10-30 @ 10:37:25

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