The best girlfriend in the world

2 ½ weeks ago Rebecka said she had sent something to me, and since I didn't get anything last week I had more or less given up hope and we were both pretty sad about it since it supposed to be something personal. So yesterday I walked into our admin staff to make a formal complaint to China post. When I had explain everything to our admin staff I walked to our pigeonholes and found this:

It had finally arrived the same day I wanted to form a complaint! So I happily walked back to our admin staff and said that there was no need to contact China post.. Inside the package I found something wonderful:

Rebecka sent me a love letter, 35 photos of us together, her top with the smell of her favourite perfume "Dolce&Gabbanna Light Blue" and I also got some jelly hearts!

I've looked through the photos several times now, I can't believe it 2 ½ weeks until she arrives! My baby is the best girlfriend ever!

Postat av: Becka

Så glad att det kom fram till slut! :)

2010-11-30 @ 22:32:22
Postat av: Johan Nilsson

Kan du inte fixa så att man kan "like-a" detta?

Jag vill jättegärna like-a detta... Det är som det perfekta läget att klicka like, men så går det inte. Mark Zuckerberg har alltså fortfarande en liten väg att gå :)

2010-12-10 @ 17:01:01

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