I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post this the day after the Halloween party but I wasn’t feeling too good that Sunday. Might’ve been a sudden and severe cold or it might’ve been that vodka buffet on the party.. Anyway, the party was good, we had a pre-party at a friend’s place before taking the metro to the China hotel. While taking the metro we were somewhat of a moving theme park attraction. The Chinese were taking pictures like crazies, they are a very curious people I’ve found and have none of the restrictions that I’m used to. Here are some photos!


An evil wizard, an evil clown and an evil witch! Lots of evil!


A very pale vampire, with a mobile phone, not even vampires can do without them..


Always fun to see your colleagues dressed up!


We were popular amongst the Chinese on the metro. Bless the mobile camera!


At the China hotel, the entrance fee was pretty expensive but inside there were "free" beer, wine and vodka. I should've stuck with the beer as I usually do. It's always a bad idea to mix..


Postat av: Becka

Läskig vampyr-Richard! :) Ser onekligen ut som att ni blev väldigt dokumenterade av lokalbefolkningen!

Klubben såg cool ut, men ja, det är ju farligt med gratis alkohol =)

2010-11-08 @ 18:03:07
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