Considering the fact that I haven't had a proper haircut since July, it was about time I went to a hairdresser! I was all prepared with a photo that I could show and my Cantonese phrase book for instructions on how I wanted it. I went into the salon and asked for the price, and for a simple haircut the price was 30 RMB (35 kr), nice price, eh?


Taking a walk in the Bai Yun mountains (hills) with my new haircut.

First, I was taken upstairs for hair wash but apparently hair wash includes a massage because after a few minutes of washing, my temples were being rubbed and later my neck, arms and shoulders. I even got an ear wash! I didn't expect the massage but I wasn't complaining! After the massage I was taken down stairs and a hairdresser went to work after I showed him my photo and how short I wanted it. I didn't have very high expectations because what would you expect of a 35 kr haircut? Plus that there is a lot of difference between cutting asian haircuts and western haircuts. But my hairdresser was good, it took a bit of time but did a great job. After the haircut it was time for some more hairwashing and a bit of scalp massage. With this kind of treatment for 30 RMB, I'll be going to the hairdressers every two weeks!

Postat av: Becka

Lyx! Jag borde klippa och slinga håret när jag är i Kina istället för här hemma kanske... :)

2010-11-12 @ 23:16:04
Postat av: Richard

Kanske, jag vet inte hur duktiga de kvinniliga frisörerna är men de kan nog klippa topparna åtminstone. =)

2010-11-13 @ 01:27:16
Postat av: Zoe

Oj, vilken lyxbehandling för så lite pengar! (Ja, jag har gett upp engelskan :P)

2010-11-21 @ 22:56:31

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