Festival of Lights

Every year in the beginning of December Utahloy International School organizes a Festival, called the ‘Festival of Lights’, which I think is a wonderful poetic name. This year the festival was celebrated last Friday, the 3rd of December. It’s a festival filled with music and performances and parents sell food from all the corners of the world. The school was closed for students on Friday but teachers were working on preparing the band stages, one for primary kids and one for secondary students, stalls and decorations were put up as well as various games. It’s a popular festival judging by the amount of people present, somewhere around 1200 was estimated. I was on the photo and video committee so I’ll be doing post work on some photos that our photographers took during the evening so that we can print a few selected photos in poster sizes and put up around the school. All in all I enjoyed the evening even though it’s hard for me to get into any Christmas feeling with the weather around 20 degrees during the evening – no matter how many Christmas carols are sung by the primary kids!


As I was filming with a hand camera later in the evening I forgot to take any photos when it was dark, but I'll try to find some and post them later on.








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