China Southern Airlines and the blame game

Rebecka was supposed to arrive here in Guangzhou the 19th of December, it is now the 21st and still no Rebecka has arrived, the situation is that she was not let onto the aircraft from Copenhagen to Amsterdam due to her connecting flight from Amsterdam to Guangzhou. The reason being that Amsterdam airport feared even more passengers becoming stranded in Amsterdam due to the bad weather in Europe. KLM which was the airline flying her from Copenhagen to Amsterdam then made a new reservation on the 21st, three days later! Why on earth they did not make a reservation the 20 is beyond me. So I called China Southern Airlines to try to get Rebecka on a flight the 20th but they wouldn’t, why? I can’t say for certain because they kept giving me different excuses, in the end it turned out that the ticket on the 21st was only reserved but not confirmed.


Rebecka even went back to Copenhagen airport to see what could be done from there which was not much. More phone calls around the globe to KLM and our travel agent revealed that only China Southern Airlines could confirm the ticket, more phone calls and more waiting in endless phone queues only to be told to “hang on” and more protesting from China Southern Airlines in China that they couldn’t do anything when everyone else was pointing us towards them as they were the only ones who could confirm the ticket. At 8 PM I got a call back from China Southern Airlines in Amsterdam (not their support in China) and I was then told the ticket was finally confirmed!


Although, when Rebecka called our travel agent and KLM to double-check it turned out the ticket was still unconfirmed.. More phone calls to CSA in China as the office in Amsterdam was closed at this point and we were then told that only the counter at the airport could confirm our ticket! And that’s where we stand at this point.


Rebecka is going to go to Copenhagen airport and get on the flight to Amsterdam, hopefully everything will be sorted before that time. So, a short review of China Southern Airlines would be that they refuse to rebook your ticket and blame everyone else, they are happy to take your money but not to help you out if problems arise. If you have the opportunity to fly with a different airline, please do so.




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