I just got back from the local supermarket and thought I would write short post about the costs of various things here in Guangzhou. When it comes to groceries I have two choices, alternative one is to walk 10 minutes to a local supermarket where I can get basic groceries but I can't buy things like pasta or lintels. Alternative two is to take a 10 minutes bus ride to a larger mall and supermarket named "Jusco" where I can find (almost) anything I would be able to get in a supermarket in Sweden or Britain, even ecological fiber enriched spaghetti! Jusco is a bit more expensive but it's well worth those few extra kronor for the variety of goods.


I will write the different amounts in Swedish Kronor since the majority of my readers are Swedes. Here's a list:
5 tomatoes = 5 kr
2 chili fruits = 1 kr
1 cucumber = 4 kr
0,5 kg apples = 7 kr
Bottle of 0,6 L beer = 6 kr (And it tastes good!!)
1 pint in a bar = 20-30 kr
1kg Packet of Oatmeal = 20 kr
3 peppers = 5 kr
Grapes = 5 kr
1 DVD movie from a "DVD lady" = 11 kr
1 pair of chinos = 64 kr
1 shirt = 60 kr
Bus or metro ride = 2.5 kr
Restaurant visit = 35 - 140 kr

As you can see the cost of living here is very low, which I truly enjoy! However, you could of course get everything at much higher prices, comparable to those in Sweden or Britain but then you would have to shop at the most expensive supermarkets who specialises in importing "western" groceries.

Postat av: Becka

Man undrar ju dock lite över kvaliteten på filmerna hos en "DVD lady"... :)

2010-08-18 @ 23:01:21
Postat av: Zoe

Nice prices! But I was thinking, how do you do with books? Did you bring books from home or are there any libraries with English books near by? :)

2010-08-19 @ 01:47:09
Postat av: Richard

@ Becka

"DVD lady" is the shizznizzle! Man ska dock skaffa en stabil DVD lady så att man kan återkomma med filmer av dålig kvalité och få en annan eller pengarna tillbaka.

@ Zoe

In the city centre there is an international book shop and the library at school have quite a collection of English books. Although the librarian working there is an impolite nazi and have probably misunderstood the function of a library is to lend books out, not to keep them all to yourself..

2010-08-19 @ 05:24:54
Postat av: Zoe

Sounds like you'll survive then :)

Haha just like the mean teacher in the movie 'Freedom Writers'. What a waste, books are made to be read and loved.

2010-08-19 @ 12:20:34

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