Overnight stay at the boarding school

Yesterday morning the whole staff at Guangzhou Utahloy International School went to our sister school, Zeng Cheng for workshops and to get to know each other. We were picked up at 8 am Friday and the bus ride took about 1 hour. It started off with a few seminars and meetings but it was all done with an easy going approach. Later on it was time to chill out in the olympic size pool they've got at the boarding school but the pool was almost warmer than the air!

After that it was dinner by the pool and then the party got started! With free beer and massiv amounts of wine & beer it didn't take long before people started dancing, jumping into the pool and and catching frisbees, needless to say, everyone was in a great mood. =)

During Sunday there were some games planned, such as races, volleyball and water polo.

All in all, a great kick off to the new semester (SWE: termin)!

It was a beautiful campus but fairly secluded so I'm happy I live much closer to the city.

A gorgeous bridge, seen from the restaurant.

The view from the bridge, it was really bright if you are wondering why I have a strange look on my face.

Part of the campus.

There's still some building going on before the students return next week, I found this self-made ladder interesting. The Chinese quite often follow the rule: "What you don't have - make."

Tonight there's a group going out tonight for all-you-can-eat-and-drink Teppanyaki, better clear my schedule for tomorrow!


Postat av: Rebecka

Haha, den stegen hade jag inte vågat mig upp för! :)

2010-08-07 @ 11:19:20
URL: http://www.becka.nu
Postat av: sven

Haha, den påminner mycket starkt om den stege jag byggde, rev och byggde upp igen 8 ggr, när jag renoverade Tina och Bryans kvarn. Lovar dig - den håller för mycket!

2010-08-07 @ 23:26:03
Postat av: Risida och tresmåSebastian

Tjingtjong långkalsong!

Vi har också skaffat pool, fast större!

2010-08-08 @ 20:20:47
Postat av: Richard

@ Risida och tresmåSebastian

Damn it, nu får jag skaffa något annat!

2010-08-09 @ 12:11:15
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