Jade costume and funny signs

On Saturday I went into Guangzhou to have a walk around in two famous parks; Yuexiu Park and Liuhua Park. Both were beautiful and I'm glad whenever I discover a place I want to take Rebecka when she comes over for Christmas.

Do you love your homeland? Then recycle! I wonder if this encouragement would cause some controversy back in Sweden?

The entrance of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King. The burial site was discovered in 1983 when excavating for yet another shopping plaza.

This is the jade suit that the Nanyue King was buried in, it is made of thousands of small jade tiles sewn together.  This was a custom for the Han dynasty as jade was thought to preserve the body and make the wearer immortal.

Do you know what this is? Pillows! Yes, that's right, porcelain and ceramic pillows that were used some 1000 years ago. Thank god for soft pillows!

The museum also housed an antiquity shop, this Buddha statue was slightly larger than the size of my hand, do you want it in your living room? Well, then you have to pay up 70 000 CNY (81 000 kr)!

Yuexiu Park is probably the most famous park in Guangzhou and a lot of people are strolling around within its 93 hectar.

Within Yuexiu Park there are lots of tiny waterfalls and shaded wood paths.

As well as signs with interesting takes on the English language.

Walking out of the park I found a florist and I wished I could've bought a rose and sent it home to Rebecka.

I finished my day of walking in Guangzhou with a visit to the computer market where I bought some headphones and another laptop cooler.

Postat av: Becka

Parken ser jättemysig ut! Vill komma och hälsa på nuuu :)

Smart med laptop coolers, en sån måste jag köpa. Och några snygga laptop-covers, de måste ha billiga sådana?

2010-08-29 @ 10:22:23
URL: http://www.becka.nu
Postat av: Richard

Längtar också tills du kommer hit! Då kan vi köpa laptop-covers i överflöd! =)

2010-08-29 @ 16:19:50
Postat av: Zoe

You are missed at school

2010-08-31 @ 23:05:44
Postat av: Richard

@ Zoe

I take that as a compliment. =) Any (major) changes at school this year? Are you taking English C?

2010-09-01 @ 05:00:36
Postat av: Zoe

Good, because it was one :) Yes! Everything is upside down and I have new teachers in all my subjects, except for Stefan and he’s so confused so I don’t want him as my teacher anyway (whine whine whine).

Yes, of course! What did you think?! And I’m going for the CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) next summer. I hope I’ll do better then than I did at the national tests in English B >_>

2010-09-01 @ 16:24:50
Postat av: Richard

@ Zoe

Sorry to hear about that, but be assured that almost every school is a mess until October, it's the same here but things are settling down now.

Regarding the CAE, I recommend you to look at these websites:




It might seem a bit daunting right now but remember that it's a process and you still got time. I know that you will do great!

2010-09-02 @ 09:52:31
Postat av: Johan

WOW!! Jag är grymt imponerad över hur aktiv du är med att utforska staden och ta vara på varje stund. Och bloggar som en galning gör du ju också.

Höras på skype i helgen? :)


2010-09-02 @ 21:23:20
URL: http://facebook.com/growwithjohan

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