It has begun!

Today it was introduction for new students! Almost all teachers are home room teachers (klassföreståndare/mentor) and I will be sharing that responsibility with a German teacher named Stefanie. We are responsible for a year 8 class and had 4 new students to introduce to the school. It was a fairly short introduction since I'm new here as well!

We have a lot of Korean students at our school and therefore been given an article about how the Korean educational system works. Korea has a very well educated population, however, everything in Korean education is based upon memorizing, which might be a good thing in a moderate amount but not in all subjects all of the time! It will certainly be a bit different teaching here.

I have taken a few photos of the exterior of our school, Utahloy International School (UIS), which you might see below. I will take a few photos of my classrooms and post them in time. You might also find some photos of the school here.

The logo of the school

The entrance

Admin staff building

There seems to have been some difficulty with the timetable/schedule during these days since we just got it today and were told that there are going to be some changes. Understandably, a lot of teachers are stressed. I don't know why every school I know have difficulty with their timetables, I suppose it's just a very tricky thing to make so that everyone will be satisfied. My timetable doesn't look at all like I expected it to, I've got Psychology for year 11, Design Technology for year 8 and then a couple of English classes as well! I won't have time to explore China I'll be super-busy preparing for all three subjects!

Other than that I'm getting settled in nicely now, I've used the washing machine, I've also gotten almost all the little things I need for everyday life, like a 10 meter long internet cable. I've got fairly slow internet so I won't be hooking up the wireless since that would slow it down even more.

That's all for today, time for me to hit the books!

Postat av: Johan

Du rockar så klart att du kommer att fixa det kalas med tre ämnen och ändå hinna ta ett par varv runt lilla Kina! :)

Lycka till med uppstarten nu - vi tänker på dig!!

2010-08-14 @ 21:33:34
Postat av: Emma

Wow då förstår jag hur mycket jobb du kommer ha...var glad för att det numera finns en textbok i psykologi!

Vi har inte fått våra scheman än eller färdiga kontor... jag ska undervisa psychology DP1 and 2 and Humanities MYP5 + CAS Coordinator...inget liv här heller :( Men du kommer känna dig sjukt nöjd efteråt...och lärd. + att du ville ju ha en utmaning ;) Det kommer gå bra :)

2010-08-17 @ 17:51:45

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