Hi everyone!

I'm finally here! First up, this will be a fairly short post as the time here is 1:30 am (GMT +7). So, I arrived yesterday evening after a 25 hour flight, and with only about 2 hours of sleep during the flights I finally arrived in Guangzhou, China! I was picked up by Hugo, the music teacher for secondary).

I was driven to my apartment which is lovely, I have posted a few photos to give you an idea, they're fairly dark but it's a really light apartment. A four room apartment with a kitchen and a balcony! For me living here alone, it's huge! It's at the top floor (7th) with similar tall buildings nearby and they form a gated community. I have free access to the pool, basketball court and tennis courts! It's really like living at a 5 star hotel. Did I mention that the school pays for it all?  I was lucky and managed to get internet access on my first day here as well, which was really a relief being able to talk to my darling Rebecka at home using Skype.

So during the day the group of new teachers have been opening up bank accounts and we were given a tour through the school and then went for a dinner, the staff is really friendly and welcoming and we're a group of about 17 new teachers this year so it's nice to have some that are as much of a newbie as myself. Tomorrow I will be going to the medical check (of which I have heard some stories involving poking) and police registration. Will try to post tomorrow evening as well. Even though everything here is overwhelming and really beyond all of my expectations I still think about all of you and miss you already! Hugs from China!

Postat av: Tommy

Have a really nice stay in China.

Will be exciting to follow your life there!



2010-08-02 @ 22:39:42
Postat av: TjingTjongSebastian&FattigBondeIda

Herregud vad fint du har fått det!

Värsta fina kinesbordet + stolen ju! Ser ut som en dojo fast utan svärd och folk som dör.

2010-08-02 @ 22:54:23
Postat av: Johan

Sjukt fin lägenhet!! :)

Becky... dra dit och leva hemmafru-liv kanske? :)

2010-08-03 @ 23:00:58
URL: http://facebook.com/growwithjohan
Postat av: sven

Hej grabben

Bättre än så kan det knappast bli! Frågan är kanske inte: "Hur fyller du dagen?" utan istället "Hur fyller du lägenheten?"

Ha det toppen, njut av allt!

2010-08-04 @ 01:21:07
URL: http://www.silve,info
Postat av: Rebecka

Jaa, jag blir sannerligen sugen på att åka till China jag också :) Men jag får hälsa på i december i alla fall, yeeey!

2010-08-07 @ 11:20:42
URL: http://www.becka.nu

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