Documenting a Thursday

Rebecka asked me to document my surroundings an ordinary week day with the camera she so generously have lent me. So I did and the result can be viewed below. I apologize in advance for the large amount of photos and slow browsing speed.

I was a bit stressed this morning so I had no time to document my morning but if you picture a bowl of porridge and a well dressed man in black trousers and a shirt you get the picture.

The path outside my apartment building which I walk down at 7:07 to catch the bus to school.

Taking a short cut to the bus stop.

Pick up place for the teachers' bus, a.k.a "the bus stop"

In the bus which takes 15 minutes to reach the school.

Driving out from Rythmico, the apartment area where I live.

Arriving at our school.

A surprisingly empty staff room, is there a meeting I didn't know about?

The Mac lab, where I teach the "Design Technology" course.

Basketball court where the students hang out during the recess and lunch time.

Looks like a bit of rain is coming, better get my umbrella since I'm on yard duty.

And there's the rain! It really pours down for about half an hour then suddenly stops.

Time for some lunch at 13:20, I'm starving! Forgot to mention the price for lunch in yesterday's post. Cost for a large meal is 25 kr, which is what I always get.

Slightly blurry picture of one of my psychology students posing. Some students prefer to buy a slice of pizza or a baguette instead of a meal, which they do in this part of the cantine.

The beautiful library.

One of my psychology classrooms.

Finally after a busy day we head for the buses at 16:50.

I ignore the short cut and walk through a bit more beautiful path to my apartment building.

Finally at home, this is the entrance to my apartment building. I live on the top 7th floor.

When I come home I clean the floors, which is important if you don't want all kinds of bugs invading. So far so good, no cockroaches in my apartment. I cook some dinner since I'm starving again.

After the sauna which the kitchen becomes when cooking I go down to the pool where I find a cryptic message regarding the inside pool, so I head for the pool outside.

No, it's not my pink slippers. I promise. Seriously. They aren't!

After a 20 minutes swim I head up to my clean apartment, have a shower and post things for you to enjoy!

Postat av: Becka

Underbart! Så fint! Mer såna här vardagliga, personliga poster :) :)

Och framför allt, mer FOTON PÅ SNYGGINGEN!

2010-08-19 @ 16:49:53
Postat av: Alex

så sjukt fin skola och vackra miljöer!

2010-08-20 @ 12:32:07
Postat av: Johan

Galet fint överallt ju - Kina kommer ju att ta över allt i världen framöver... Känslan man får av dina bilder är att de gör allt rätt och att det är grymt vackert och välorganiserat där! :)

Keep it up! :)

2010-08-22 @ 15:38:10

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